Exposing the Mystery of a Fear and Guilt Based Control Matrix



Get ready to better understand YOUR Bible Puppet experience.

 Remove the obscurities and behold!

The Puppet Master controls the Puppet Show.  The stage is the world around us and most of us are already cast members, among  the very  puppets in the great show.

There are puppeteers, props and assistants unseen by the audience and most others.  Can you just imagine for a moment that you might already have a role in the cast or control of the great show...


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Witchcraft Secret Manual!
Once there was a time when the people of the Earth would gather all of the families, especially the children to go see a puppet show!  Over the years puppetry became very divided, just as the people of the Earth.  People divided over things such as race and religion.  Puppetry divided into many differen types of puppets.  Some puppets are hand puppets, some marionettes, some rod puppets, moving mouth puppets and much more.  As the years flew by the Humans grew weaker in their minds over things like politics, religion and race.  The puppets had no minds to distract them from their jobs.  Without even the very will to do so they were always at the command of the puppeteers and puppet masters and knew no better way to exist.   At some point between now and then,  the people of the Earth found themselves without the time or the will to bring their children to the puppet shows...  The puppet masters and puppeteers disappeared but something happened to the people.


The people of the Earth then began to change.   They became indoctrinated but there were as many indoctrinations as there were types of puppets!  The indoctrinations became very powerful over the indoctrinated.  Then one day the people of the Earth began to wake up.  It was like waking from a pleasant dream only to find one's self in some strange form of captivity.  Some people found themselves attached to rods, some strings and many other tools of manipulation.   The people of the Earth became puppets to a mixed up, document that was written, edited, translated and approved by the men who had become the puppeteers and puppet masters of the humans. Then one day the puppet master of the Earth was exposed.  A whistle as loud as a trumpet was sounded and the people began to hear it.All I desired was Truth.  I have had suspicions all of my life.  This was not doubt but suspicion due to logic.  I followed until I lead.  I lead until my eyes were opened to many things and then it happened.  Confirmation came through both spiritual and academic levels.  My confirmations were revealed to me through a 20 plus year Assemblies of God minister who shared many of the same suspicions yet had the academic ability to do some very serious research...  Jeffrey Daugherty is NOT sewing discord among the brethren, he has boldly stepped out of that world and found himself in the footsteps of many over time, including Thomas Jefferson and many others who YOU ALREADY KNOW!   Look for Jeffrey Daugherty and the Jeffrey Daugherty Show on YouTube and Facebook!