We no longer market our puppet pattern product under the name BiblePuppet but as you can see, this pattern makes GREAT Bible Puppet Characters!






Pictures of Puppets Made with BiblePuppet Pattern 


What could YOU create if you had enough basic puppet structures such as these below.  Dori is featured here, obviously because she was the first of the bunch finished!  It's fun making more than one puppet because once you get started, YOU WILL NEED MORE!  Here you will see some of these basic structures.  I will leave the rest up to YOU and YOUR imagination!

The Jovialites were made using the BiblePuppet Pattern & Instruction eBook!

Radio Station Morning Show Puppets made using BiblePuppet Pattern & Instruction eBook!



The BiblePuppet Pattern & Instruction eBook is the intellectual property of Clif Desmond.  It is unlawful for anyone other than Clif Desmond to sell this produc